Let’s Stop HIV Together: A Short Film

“I found out when I was 12 or 13.”
“I’m positive 21 years.”
“I was born HIV-Positive,”
“Anyone can be affected by HIV.”
“HIV is just a virus. It’s the stigma that’s a deadly disease.”
“HIV stigma is rooted in fear of HIV. There are many misconceptions…”
“People with HIV are living lives that are healthy and full.”

IMPACT of HIV Stigma on the Black Community (Part 1)

BROTHASPEAK POD dot NETFor a segment of people that only represents 13% of the entire U.S population, yet represents 43% of the new HIV cases within America. Why are black people carrying the burden of this epidemic when it originally didn’t start this way. In this week Brothaspeak Podcast, we have a community discussion in regards to this topic. From www.Brothaspeakpod.net.

Photos from the night of this event here.


The IMPACT of HIV Stigma on the black community (Part 2)

In this week’s Brothaspeak Podcast we have part 2 of a community discussion – The Impact of HIV Stigma on the black community. The event took place at the World AIDS Museum and Educational center on October 24, 2017. Info and links to pictures here.

Audience Q&A with our Guest Panel:

Marvin Shaw – Host, Yolanda Reed – Bell, Lorenzo Robinson, Christopher Bates, Jamaal Starks

An Evening with Cleve Jones

The World AIDS Museum and Educational Center presented An Evening with Cleve Jones on November 10, 2017 as part of the AIDS History Series.

Cleve Jones conceived the AIDS Memorial Quilt at a time when death from AIDS was shameful and hidden.  The 2017 ABC miniseries “When We Rise” was adapted from Mr. Jones’ book When We Rise:  My Life in the Movement.  His book and the miniseries chronicles the real-life personal and political struggles, setbacks, and triumphs of the diverse LGBT activists who played integral roles in pioneering their leg of the US civil rights movement from its infancy.

Jasmin Shirley Receives “Unity in Diversity Award” at WAM’s “An Evening With Cleve Jones”

JASMINE-SHIRLEY-BROWARD-HOUSEOn November 10th at the “Evening with Cleve Jones” event, the World AIDS Museum and Educational Center proudly presented its “Unity In Diversity” award to Jasmin Shirley for both her continuous support and relentless dedication within communities affected by HIV/AIDS and for providing a pathway to quality healthcare for those most vulnerable. The award was presented to Ms. Shirley  at the Sunshine Cathedral.


An Evening with Larry Kramer

The World AIDS Museum and Educational Center Presents an enlightening conversation with ACT UP founder, HIV activist, and author Larry Kramer on the 30th Anniversary of ACT UP. Larry was interviewed by friend and award-winning author Kevin Sessums at The Sunshine Cathedral in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 10, 2017. The video begins with a montage of images of of AIDS activism over the years.

Larry Kramer Praises World AIDS Museum

Noted author, activist, and co-founder of ACT UP, Larry Kramer, enjoyed a tour of the World AIDS Museum on March 9th and held a book signing for his latest book, The American People. Read what he had to say about the World AIDS Museum and Educational Center. Mr. Kramer again praised the museum during his interview with Kevin Sessums at Sunshine Cathedral on March 10th. Hear his comments in the video below.


Chuck Panozzo of STYX Visits WAM…

Chuck Panozzo at the World AIDS Museum and Educational Ceneter 4Recently, Chuck Panozzo, of the well known rock group, Styx, visited the World AIDS Museum & Educational Center and had a conversation with our CEO. In his own personal and open way, Chuck told us that he learned a lot here but also that he confronted fear and found freedom. Watch the video and hear for yourself.

Afterwards, consider supporting out mission that Chuck talks about by making a donation here.

“I promise that your donation will make a difference in many lives.” – Chuck

Discussing Stigma in Schools

WAM discusses stigma with students at Deerfield Beach High School as part of our Educational Outreach. For additional information, click here. More photos here.

Happy Anniversary World AIDS Museum!


The World AIDS Museum and Educational Center celebrated its four-year Anniversary Tuesday, May 15, 2018!  We wish to thank all of our donors for their support and the community at large for their engagement as we continue to educate and enlighten people about HIV/AIDS.


Education Outreach Update, May 2017

This past December, WAM CEO Hugh Beswick addressed the Broward County School Board on the state of HIV education in Broward County Schools. Along with HIV/STI facts-based education, Beswick emphasized the need for powerful dialogue which engages students in confronting their own fears and biases so that they become willing to make healthy sex and needle choices. In partnership with  the Diversity, Prevention and Intervention Group of Broward county Schools (DPI), we have introduced “In Ctrl-Educated Choices,” a facts-based education program that delivers preventative tools to make informed sexual decisions. Students learn exactly how HIV/STI infections occur and how to avoid infection.

Education committee and training staff — Hugh Beswick, Gary McCarthy, Jeff Banning, Ari Sumargo, Todd Fogel, Marvin Shaw, Ed Sparan and Marc Paige — have taught about 4,000 students to date. Continues in adjacent post.

Click here for more Education photos.

Education Outreach Update (continued)

WAM stigma workshop Cocunut Creek High School health fair 04-28-17Todd Fogel designed a second offering, “Stigma Elimination,” in late 2016. This offering makes WAM one of very few organizations to pair the combating of stigma with HIV/STI educational content. Our conversational-based process challenges students to address their own biases as well as to commit to make choices that will enhance their sexual and emotional health.

WAM stigma workshop Cocunut Creek High School health fair 04-28-17Our Education Committee is currently working on a strategic plan to identify the next areas of educational focus. Ideas include expansion into Miami Dade and Palm Beach counties, creating on-line outreach to smaller communities without HIV educational resources. A final reccomendation of “next steps” will be presented to the museum Board in May.

Homestead Hospital First to Routinely Screen

“As the first hospital in the state [Florida] to implement these routine HIV and HCV screenings, Homestead Hospital is a trailblazer in Florida,” said Lillian Rivera, R.N., Ph.D., administrator of the Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County. “Homestead Hospital’s leadership is helping to change the landscape of this public health epidemic by reaching these patients through routine screenings.”  Read more.

Saving Grace Opening Slideshow

We are very happy to share a photo slideshow from the opening of Saving Grace: HIV/AIDS in the Black Community. This very special event opened to an enthusiastic audience at the Old Dillard Museum in the Sistrunk neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale.  More pictures: click here.

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The Virtual Tapestry of Stories

Ed Sparen Tapestry screen cap

Ed Sparen

Dr. Rosalind Osgood screen cap

Dr. Rosalind

David King

David King

The Virtual Tapestry of Stories is the Museum’s audiovisual version of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. It is an interweaving of personal experiences captured in video that inspire and empower those affected by HIV/AIDS. Tapestry videos reveal the depth of impact of the myths and stigma of the disease. Tapestry fortifies our understanding of the human consequences of the pandemic. The videos were made by our collaborator, Community of Lights . You can view the complete playlist here or find it among the Created playlists on our YouTube channel.

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