Tapestry Playlist

Virtual Tapestry of Stories

To view a list of available videos, click on the three white bars in the upper left-hand corner of the video display below. The videos were made by our collaborator, Community of Lights . You can view the complete playlist here or find it among the created playlists on our YouTube channel.

Tapestry documents the compelling stories of people who are living and thriving in a new and different era of the AIDS epidemic — an era that is less about death and more about life.

The stories that make up Tapestry pay honor to those who continue to work, play, love and courageously live their lives in the face of arduous medical regimens, uncertain financial futures, isolation and widespread discrimination. The Virtual Tapestry of Stories is an educational and advocacy tool that presents up close and personal interviews with people affected by HIV/AIDS, providing role models and empowering survivors.

The personal testimonials that are woven throughout Tapestry create a potent means of combating stigma, fear, denial, homophobia and racism. Tapestry illuminates the social, political and cultural barriers that must be overcome in order for people to recognize their risk and gain access to appropriate health care all around the world.

If you have been personally affected by HIV, please take the time to tell your story; it is a wonderful way to turn your experience into a helpful and supportive example for others. Originally titled, Tapestry: the Faces of AIDS, the museum now refers to this wonderful project as the Virtual Tapestry of Stories as it is the stories reveal the experiences of people affected by HIV/AIDS.

CALL Ed Sparan at (954) 390-0550 TO SCHEDULE A FILMED INTERVIEW.


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