Ribbon Society

Ribbon Society

In order to accomplish the museum’s important work, the board of directors introduced the Charter Club in 2014. Individuals who join the charter club sustain and support the work of the museum on an annual and ongoing basis. Now called the Ribbon Society, the goal of the program is for the museum to raise $10,000 in monthly support. Those interested in the Charter Club may join simply by clicking this link, the Ribbon Society Levels of Support, or by calling the museum directly at (954) 390-0550.

We are enormously grateful to the following individuals for their ongoing support.

Red Ribbon ($1200) – I am part of the end of AIDS

• Jeff Schwarz
• David Schrock
• John Noffo
• Mark Addison 
• Joseph Montrose ( In Memory of Dan Trandafir)
• Steve Stagon 
• Poz Attitudes Support Group
• Dr. Elie Schochet 
• Jeff Banning 
• Tim Hart
• Will Spencer
• William (Bill) Jaume
• Andy Ruffner 
• John Ramos
• Cmr. Dr. Barbara Sharief 
• Dr. Ana Puga 
• David Starkey 
• Dr. Requel Lopes, AP
• Ari Mango

Rainbow Ribbon ($1200)- I support Equal Treatment for ALL

• Robert C. Hickman 

Lavender Ribbon ($600) – I support Sexual Health Education to stop HIV

Yellow Ribbon ($300) – I support Empowered Youth

• Earl Graybeal 

White Ribbon ($120) – I support Raising Community Awareness to Stop HIV

• Matthew Eaton
• Stephen Ferrante


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