WAM Skype Tours

WAM Skype Tours


A tour at The World AIDS Museum and Educational Center is an amazing and eye-opening experience
Not everyone can be here in person so we created th WAM-E Tour. A Skype tour between you and one of our qualified staff members. The tour is an interactive experience where you can view the museum and ask questions as well. The tour features the historical time line – The history of the HIV/Aids story. Showing it’s origins as a monkey virus in the Congo to the struggles in the 1980’s to the stigma wall and our art galleries filled with thought provoking artwork.
A WAM-E tour is a 20$ donation, tours usually take around one hour. Tours must be booked 48 hours prior to the tour date. Tour dates and times are from the location of the museum (Florida) Eastern Standard Time, so the time zone where you are may vary.

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