Education Outreach Update, May 2017

This past December, WAM CEO Hugh Beswick addressed the Broward County School Board on the state of HIV education in Broward County Schools. Along with HIV/STI facts-based education, Beswick emphasized the need for powerful dialogue which engages students in confronting their own fears and biases so that they become willing to make healthy sex and needle choices. In partnership with  the Diversity, Prevention and Intervention Group of Broward county Schools (DPI), we have introduced “In Ctrl-Educated Choices,” a facts-based education program that delivers preventative tools to make informed sexual decisions. Students learn exactly how HIV/STI infections occur and how to avoid infection.

Education committee and training staff — Hugh Beswick, Gary McCarthy, Jeff Banning, Ari Sumargo, Todd Fogel, Marvin Shaw, Ed Sparan and Marc Paige — have taught about 4,000 students to date. Continues in adjacent post.

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