We are a museum and education center that is open to the public to visit, explore and enjoy. We offer guided docent tours on request. In our main gallery is the CHRONOLOGY OF AIDS which is the history of HIV and AIDS.  We have two small art galleries that offer though-provoking and heartwarming art experiences.  Additionally, the research center is open to the public as well, providing the latest up-to-date information.


The idea for the World AIDS Museum grew out of the Fort Lauderdale based group, Positive AttitudesWAM Exterior, a topic driven support group for HIV positive individuals. Steve Stagon, the facilitator, who would later become the Museum’s founder, started creating historical HIV / AIDS exhibits as topics for the group. In the early days, these were displayed at the Pride Center of South Florida
and Blanche Ely High School. Other members of the Pozitive Attitudes group showed interest and on September 20, 2011, the World AIDS Museum was incorporated as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.


We believe it is important to document the history of HIV/AIDS, to deepen understanding of this continuing worldwide epidemic through empowerment, education and enlightenment, and to remove the stigma of HIV/AIDS which acts as a barrier to both testing and prevention.


South Florida is at the epicenter of the AIDS crisis in America. Miami-Dade and Broward county have the highest HIV infection rates in the country. Miami-Dade has over 34,000 HIV/AIDS cases and Broward over 20,000 cases.

Message from founder, Steve Stagon

Steve StagonWhen you pass the site of the World AIDS Museum and Educational Center you will undoubtedly see our beautiful sign. As I look at it, I think of our original mission: to raise awareness and eradicate stigma of HIV/AIDS by documenting the history, remembering those who have suffered, educating people about the disease, enlightening the world to this continuing tragedy and empowering the survivors. Our first and continuing exhibit, Chronology of AIDS was completed in May 2014. We’ve come a long way since then, creating other powerful exhibits and conducting HIV education inside Broward public schools. I hope you’ll join me by continuing to support these important efforts.


Message from CEO, Dr. Requel Lopes, AP

We at the World AIDS Museum are dedicated to not only honoring and remembering but also to educating, enlightening and empowering individuals and communities by telling the Story of HIV/AIDS. By doing so we are instrumental in eliminating the stigma which prevents people from making considered and educated choices.  Through those entering the museum we provide a message that they too can reach one and teach one.  Through the educational programing, stories and exhibits, we do our part.





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